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Great Lengths For Quality

There are few things that Coles takes more seriously than the quality of their food. In fact, behind almost every item on their shelves, there’s an incredible story of passion, hard-work and dedication.


Because Coles knows that the best quality food doesn’t come easily. It’s the result of an army of passionate team members going to great lengths from one end of Australia to the other (and everywhere in between) to source the best quality food in Australia. 

From sourcing Christmas puddings from the oldest pudding makers in the world, to picking every one of their strawberries by hand so they meet quality standards before they hit the shelves – Coles goes to great lengths for quality to make sure Aussies have everything they need for a great Christmas.

The integrated campaign has hundreds of touchpoints across in-store, owned, paid, and earned media, focussing on the quality and price of key Christmas food items like Triple Smoked Christmas Hams, responsibly sourced seafood and desserts. It highlights how Coles provides exceptional value food for the entire Christmas season.

The campaign not only helped to redefine quality perceptions of Coles food throughout Australia, it also helped to launch a new tonal direction for the brand, so that now Coles is a brand strengthened by a rich vein of personality and Aussie humour. 

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