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DEREK10261_Porsche_Taycan_75628_Front_RGB copy.jpg


Taycan NFT

To celebrate Porsches first fully electric sportscar, the Taycan, we created a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Forming part of the celebrations of 70 Years of Porsche in Australia, this collaboration represented the first digital artwork project based on blockchain technology for Porsche in Australia.


The Taycan was wrapped in a bespoke artwork by neo-expressionist artist Nigel Sense and the images were shot by Melbourne-based architectural photographer, Derek Swalwell.


The location we chose for the three multimedia photographs was iconically Australian, drawing parallels between Porsche and its history in Australia.


The NFTs were minted in a carbon neutral way by offsetting them via the Porsche Impact program. The result is the reflection of natural and modern Australia, linking heritage with the future.


The images were then auctioned off on with all proceeds be donated to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

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