We all love a little drama

Opera australia 

It’s human nature to crave a bit of cray-cray. Why else would shows like Married at First Sight be so popular? Or any reality TV for that matter. Even our daily news is sensationalised to appeal to our lust for fuss. And drama is something the opera has in spades — the stories are filled with great passion, great sorrow and great tragedy, so it made sense to let people know that if they love drama, they’ll love opera.


By drawing attention to this love of drama that current and potential opera-goers all share, we aimed to open the opera brand up to a wider audience.

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To support the social film and radio spots, comedian and TV writer Rosie Waterland was invited to review a Rigoletto performance. Well-known for her hilarious recaps of The Bachelor, Waterland’s funny and honest reviews positioned the opera as the original home of drama.

Click the below to read her reviews: 

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